Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Your-time-of-day has stopped.

I was not ready to die; I defeated cancer in 2000. Who was my computer to tell me to get ready for the next energy field? The inability of my computer to keep time and day consistent should have had nothing to do with me, or should it?

The above Hitchcockian-message appeared on the black computer screen of my relatively new Dell Inspirion 1525 on June 28, 10:30 pm. I just came back from a too-good Italian dinner with friends who always make me laugh.

The Rigitoni Leoni settled in my stomach and I began the first of several long conversations with Dell. As usual, I was transferred from one outsourced technician to another, culminating in the bleatingly earnest promise of a supervisor to have a technician with a new motherboard for my computer at my apartment door, today, July 1.

All was fairly solved; not true! Dell Computer lies. Do not buy Dell products. I am furious at Dell since my inconvenience means nothing to them. My files are on my new computer and I need them. It is time for a new summer session, my academic files are on that computer,and besides, the Internet is faster.

Damn Dell! Today is almost over and I received a voice message that my order has been delayed for at least one to two weeks. My holistic, calm persona could not last and I gave a Dell representative a fairly Joycean litany, or maybe Carlin-like might be more accurate. (And only yesterday in the college research class that I am teaching we were discussing the all too commonplace use of curse words and their etymology. I have smart students.)

And I am truly annoyed. I am using my old Inspiron which is hobbling along. However, I trust it will last and redeem itself; what does it matter that in order to get an s or a b letter to appear, I must forcefully smash the key.

Okay, I will meditate. I will return to my holistic persona. Maybe.

Peace, dudes and dudettes.

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